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Monday, 23 October 2017


October 23, 2017 1

I Love lipsticks . Even on days when I don't wear makeup I like to have a bit of color on my lips. They make my face look more lively and fresh. For me a lipstick should have three qualities
1. It should be pigmented should be long-lasting
3. It should have a comfortable formula
I tried out these cute and chic lipsticks by a Korean brand called CELRANICO and was amazed by their performance


the lipsticks came in a very secure cardboard box with the individual shades and their numbers marked on them

inside the slender cardboard box were housed the most luxuriously packaged gold case lipsticks. The lids on these lipsticks closes with a satisfying click so be assured the lipsticks won't make a mess in your purse. Plus the packaging is so sturdy that it wont break if you accidently drop them ( happens with me a lot)

What the brand has to say about them

CELRANICO It's Chic Matt & Moist Lipstick - The pretty lips even if you only wear it once. 11 colorations of paraben-free lipsticks that present moist and pretty lips at all times.
Texture - The soft feeling of use as if a primed was rubbed on by being differentiated with the previously - existent matte lipsticks.
No dryness - No dryness because of extracted vegetable oil ingredients from: chamomile flowers, olives, avocados, rose hip fruits, and Jojoba seed. The lips get moist the moment they come in contact with the lipstick
Colors 11 shades

[How to use] For a lighter shade, use a foundation or a powder. For a more intense color, fill lips fully with the lipstick to fit the lines of your lips. If you want a natural-looking finish, tap the inner sides of the lips and gradate to the outside.

Main Ingredients:
Anthemis Nobilis Flower Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil


Onto the best part 😍. I was always under the impression that Korean lip products especially lipsticks have sheer pigmentation since most of Koreans like to wear gradient lips but boy I was wrong these lipsticks are packed with pigment. One swipe us enough to cover the whole lip completely( please note that I have pigmented lips)

these lipsticks have a matte finish but the formula is unlike anything I have tried out before. Its a soft matte light weight lipstick that feels super comfortable on the lips and keep the lips feeling hydrated and moisturizer. The texture does not accentuate dry parts or cracks on the lips. The bullet glides smoothly on the lips 👌

I tried out three lipstick shades from the range

RD 11
A beautiful cool red color which makes my teeth look white in contrast with the lipstick. This us a perfect lip color to rock when going on a date, or perhaps when you want to strike an impression

RB 02
you must know by now that I am a big fan of nude lipsticks or mlbb lipsticks so I was super happy when this lipstick shade turned out to be so close to my original lip color. I have definitely found my everyday holy grail lipstick guys. This is a rose brown lipsticks perfect shade which can be paired with any makeup look and use to create a gradient lip effect 😍

PK 01
and lastly a very vibrant pink lipstick. This is by far one of the most beautiful hot pink lipstick I own the color appeals for it self it bright and beautiful. It might not be an everyday color for some of you but the color sure is unique and pretty

here are the lipstick themselves and their pretty swatches

these lipsticks retail for 22$ at kbeautie website and at Celranico

Thursday, 5 October 2017


October 05, 2017 2
I have been eye makeup fixers for the longest time as the idea of my makeup lasting longer on my oily face sounds so tempting but there are very few makeup fixers that fall in my budget and deliver a matte finish
I was genuinely surprised and super happy when my blog selected by JOLSE to review this product

About the brand

Saat Insight  is a Korean makeup brand which manufacture luxury cosmetic products.

About the product:

Quantity: 100ml also available in 50ml

Price : 25 USD $

Packaging: The spray bottle is packed in a very beautiful pink and green marbled cardboard box inside the box there is a sturdy  white plastic bottle which has a black secure cap.the bottle has a very practical design its is  travel friendly, spill proof and shatter proof. The nozzle is good its dispenses the product evenly onto the face

My thoughts:

This makeup fixer has mild scent which disappears on  application. It's  clear  like
water and has a non tacky finish. I apply about 3-4 spritz of this on my face to set my makeup. What I have noticed that this makes my whole makeup look come together ( gives it a flawless finish) It also forms a light film which gives glow to the skin plus it reduces makeup from transferring onto other surfaces. I pressed a tissue paper only fave and was surprised to see that only a little amount of makeup / foundation transferred onto the tissue paper.
This makeup fixer does not have oil controlling properties thought nor does it claim to do so
I cant figure out the ingredients and its placement on CosDna website because the ingredients list is in Hangul (Korean) but from my experience this didn't break my skin out.
This retails for 25 $ on Jolse website link here

I rate this product 4/5 ❤

Thankyou Jolse for providing this product for review

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Haul post: 1st haul of year 2017

January 25, 2017 3

despite the fact that i made a resolution to spend less money on cosmetics and other stuff i caved in to temptation and ended up buying a lot of stuff this month ,

so here it is the the very first haul of year 2017

i purchased  this amazing mascara by essence for 450 Pkr and the very hyped up la girl hd pro concealer in porcelain  for Pkr 550 so far so good i will be testing these products out for  a week to write down a final verdict on their performance

i bought another clazona matte lipgloss this time in the shade 514, its  a beautiful cool red looks absolutely gorgeous, i know i don't wear red lipstik but i intend to create a gradient lipcolor with this matte lipgloss. the shopkeeper charged me 250 Pkr for this matte lipgloss this time

the highlight of this post is definitely this beautiful choker i purchased from a stall. i really like the contrast of red and green beads paired with the sparkling rhinestone and gold details, now i have to wait for a event to wear it to , lol
despite the fact that i made a resolution to spend less money on cosmetics and other stuff i caved in to temptation and ended up buying a lot of stuff this month ,

so here it is the the very first haul of year 2017

i purchased  this amazing mascara by essence the very hyped up la girl hd pro conceale rin porcelain so far so good i will be testing these products out for  a week to write down a final verdict on their performance

i bought another clazona matte lipgloss this time in the shade 514, its  a beautiful cool red looks absolutely gorgeous, i know i don't wear red lipstick but i intend to create a gradient lipcolor with this matte lipgloss

the highlight of this post is definitely this beautiful choker i purchased from a stall. i really like the contrast of red and green beads paired with the sparkling rhinestone and gold details, now i have to wait for a event to wear it to , lol i paid Pkr 900 for this beauty

i bought this wispies type eyelashes from artimatic for Pkr 80 and they do look fluttery and feminine

also i purchased this garnier eye makeup remover and  round cotton makeup removing pads. i actually sent my brother to buy me the clear big bottle of garnier mi-cellar water but he accidentally bought this one for Pkr 300 and the makeup removing cotton pads for Pkr 100

did you guys bought any makeup/ beauty or fashion item so far ? let me know in the comment section below

virtual hugs


Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Best and Worst of year 2016 in terms of Makeup and Skincare

January 04, 2017 0
Here is break down report of what I think are the worst beauty products of year 2016

Worst beauty products :

Freemans cucumber mask was the worst mask I have ever tried despite all the rav-views it got the mask does nothing to the skin. Its just like spreading water glue on the face and peeling it off. total waste of money , skin renewing and moisturizing are you kidding me???

Ponds toner is another product which turned out to be a disappointment. It didn't clean my skin or balanced out ph of my face in fact it just made my pores clog up and made my skin break out terribly
 the only thing good was its scent and thats it !!!

The very hyped about korean peel off lip tint was another waste of money, it didn't stain my lip a slight bit. the stain just bled on slight contact with water and made me look like a Dracula.

What I think was the best discovered product and what was worth the investment

I experimented with false eyelashes this year and discovered a lot of great affordable lashes in the local market and found the design which suits my eyes best

Best discovery was Korean sheet masks, these beauties are wonderful and give instant punch of hydration, give a very luxurious spa like feel

Good investment was the holika holika bb cream, its smells nice, long lasting and has medium coverage so looks natural on the skin

Also found a skin cream for my oily skin by oriflame which does not causes breaks out and has hydrating properties suitable for oily skin

Clazona matte lip gloss , our very own paksitani liquid lipsticks easy on the pocket , vast color selection and very long lasting

My new year resolutions for the year 2017

I plan to try more  Korean makeup and skincare products as I have been impressed with what I have tried last year

I also plan to write more quality blog posts this year

I am going to try to post makeup looks this year on my blog

Extend my skincare collection and add some good skincare products to my inventory

Just like last year I resolve to finish up more makeup products from my makeup collection

Try to gain at least 5 kg more weight (I am terribly underweight)

Stop buying makeup on impulse

Empties  for the year of 2016

admittedly a few empties ended up in the trash can which i forgot to photograph but the ones i managed to save in a bag are here in this photograph, i finished a full sized chubby stick, a lip balm, eyeliner, a full size face mask and a sun screen , the rest are sheet masks and sample sized creams i finished :)

thats all for todays post !!

what are your resolutions for year 2017?

Friday, 30 September 2016

Makeup Revolution mono eyeshadow in shade Blow your whistle

September 30, 2016 3

i have been very impressed with the makeup revolution seriously most of the things that i have tried so far are good except for the eyeliner which had such a hard scratchy brush

makeup revolution has a lot of shades in the mono eye-shadow collection ranging from nudes to neon ,shimmer to metallics

now purple is my favorite color so when i spotted this on daraz i added it to my cart without a second thought

Quantity: 2.3 gms

price 210 pkr


standard rectangular slim compact with a secure transparent lid

about the product:

i will be very honest with you guys, i had a lot of expectations with this particular shade since it looked so vibrant and neon in the pan but i was a tad bit disappointed when i swatched it because the color pay off was not as pigmented as i hoped it would be but  a wet eyeshadow brush solved that problem

the color as you can see is a beautiful royal neon purple. its a bit chalky but the fall out is not too noticeable i applied it on my eyelid over an eye primer and it stayed well

for the price its not that bad of a product

should you purchase it? umm well on its own this eye-shadow is a  bit lacking but when used over a base or eye primer it works well and looks very beautiful ,if you are new to makeup then is for you

have you tried any mono eyeshadow by makeup revolution ???

Friday, 1 July 2016

Eid Shopping Essentials for Girls

July 01, 2016 5


Its very sad that the holy month of Ramadan is about to end which also means that  Eid is right around the corner . yay

I am almost done with my Eid preparations, had my jora stiched almost a month ago and bought the shoes last week so all that is left is mehndi ,some makeup items and bangles ( eid in my opinion  is incomplete without vermicelli and bangles )

With the temperature showing 40 C on thermometer i am afraid that my makeup is going to melt right of off my face so i am currently thinking about purchasing a foundation which is water and sweat proof, A lot of online shops are selling very affordable makeup kits which have a bunch of face products to make you look pretty one such example is Modashop selling Lakme 9to5 Makeup Kit which includes following items 

Lakme 9to5 BB Cream
- Lakme 9to5 Pan Cake
- Lakme 9to5 Waterproof Mascara
- Lakme 9to5 Waterproof Eyeliner

Side note: Lakme is a very popular makeup brand originating from India 

looking for watch that complements all your  Eid dresses look no further because Ladies Interchangeable Watch Set has your covered, the innovative design which allows the person to change the straps and bezel to various colors is amazing, now you can match your to your outfit within few minutes and the price range is quite affordable 

Surprisingly straightened hair are still in fashion this year, i know how time consuming and tiring it is for the arms to straighten hair, i am talking about 2-4hr that us girls have to sacrifice  to remove all the waves and curls from the hair and make our tresses look dead straight

there is this new gadget called Fast Hair Straightener Brush which looks just like the ordinary hair brush but has the ability to straighten your hair in few minutes as you run it through your hair 

- Ultra smooth ceramic plates for effortless glide
- Pro variable temperature control for all hair types
- Exclusive heat expansion plate Technology
- Temperature Controller: Digital
- Applicable hair: Dry & wet
- Voltage: 220V
- Max.Temperature: 230 °C
- Min.Temperature: 80 °C

this product is currently at a discounted price of 1999 at Modashop 

 Apply a fruity fragrance this Eid with Honey Apple Perfumes long lasting fragrance, designed for the female population this scent is sure to add a unique individuality to your eid dress 

 these are a few essentials things you should shop for girls this eid 

until next time 


Sunday, 22 May 2016

Essence 50's girls reloaded eyeshadow brush

May 22, 2016 3

hello i am back with another review and this time its an eyeshadow brush.  to  be very honest with you guys i usually apply eyeshadow to my eyes with the help of the sponge tip applicator that comes in the palette ( which most of you throw away)

i think sponge applicators are versatile product and most of chinese and korean makeup artists use it
its all about makeup applying skills!! right ??

but i was curious to know if using an eyeshadow brush would change or ease my makeup application ??

so i purchased this brush

its from the Essence 50's GIRLS Reloaded addition. i believe its discontinued now. but dont worry guys essence comes up with very cute line of makeup brush after a few months so you can probably purchase something close to this from a different edition

PRICE: around 390 PKR

it came in a slim zip lock pouch which is to keep your brush safe and clean
the brush is a combination of nude and metallic blue ferrule as you can see also its dual ended

this side of the brush is fluffy and is great for blending out eyeshadow. you cant pack eyeshadow to the lids with this as its not firm but if you are going for a subtle application this is perfect

the bristles are very soft and dont shed at all

the seconf end of the brush is thin and little bit flimsy. honestly in the beginning i didnt knew what to do with this side of the brush but now i use it to apply eyeshadow on my lower lid below the lash line as its thin so reaches the area underneath the lashes well

this brush did not leak color on washing or shed hairs, it didnt changed its shape. the bristles are soft just like they were before washing

i think for the price this brush is good. if your a beginner or  new to makeup i definitely recommend
essence eyeshadow brushed

i hope you  guys enjoyed this post



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