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Saturday, 10 September 2016

you just cant imagine the frustration i feel when my eye shadow just creases and vanishes off my eyelids after a hour or two , hello i just spend an our creating all that art work and now its gone leaving behind a undifferentiated mess of colors and oil

most of the times the elaborate art work which we have done on our eyes is lost due to reason that we dont use primer underneath our eyeshadows

i have been aware about the presences of primers for a long  time but didnt had enough money to purchase the ever popular urban decay primer potion but then Mua came to pakistan and all the wallet related issues were solved

Price: 490m pkr

Quantity : 7.5 ml

Packaging: classy silver tube have a doe foot applicator pretty much similar to a lipgloss

About the product: its a silicon based primer which has a creamy texture and a foundation like tint to it.  easy to apply and spread on the lids , dries within a few seconds

makes the eye shadows look more vibrant, helps them to adhere better to the lids, prevents creasing and smudging through out the day , didnt affect the blending process at all

i dont have any other primer to compare it with but i do own a jumbo pencil by jordana which i have been using as a base so i decided to compare it with that

i used an eye shadow from the makeup revolution palette for the swatch purpose

the first swatch shows the eye shadow applied o nits own the second swatch shows when eyeshadow is applied on the mua pro base primer and the tird swatch shows the eyesdow applied on the jordane pencil

as you can see the eye shadow looks quite vibrant on the second and third swatch as compared to the first one

in my opinion this eye shadow is steal for the price

which eye shadow primer do you use?

Sunday, 3 January 2016


I enjoyed using the the matte effect foundation by Makeup Revolution all year due to the natural coverage it provided and the light formula

I also liked the pro base primer by MUA

Marshmallowby MUA  still remains my favorite blush this year


This year I embraced the nude lips trend. most of the lipsticks I purchased were either mlbb or nude shade
My favorite liplner has to be by essence as it can be worn alone or under any lipstick/ lipgloss (read review here)

For lipsticks in the flesh by wet n wild, treat by makeup revolution and rendezvousby MUA were the most worn lipsticks


 the heaven and earth palette by MUA was the best eyeshadow palette i tried this year.when it comes to my oily lids eyeshadow pencil by jordana was the perfect choice

the i love extreme volume mascara by essence still remains to be my fav mascara this year 

circle lens 

i reviewed a lot of circle lens in year 2015, it was fun trying them 
i was very hard to decide which one was my favorite as all are vibrant and very comfortable however i particularly liked the review choco circle lens for every day wear and t top lens in ice blue for formal occassions 


 what were your favorite makeup products i year 2015??? let me know in the comment section 

Friday, 4 December 2015

I have recently added face primer to my makeup regime, its not like I was unaware of their existence it was more like I was not sure if they will work out for my oily skin 

Mua pro base primer looked like the perfect option to try as the price does not leaves a big hole in the pocket

Quantity: 27 ml

Price 445 pkr

Packaging :

Small grey squeezable tube which has a secure cap

My thoughts

This at first application felt like a cream it is transparent and  it absorbs quickly into the skin the consistence is gel like and feels silky due to silicones 

Due to cold weather my face has a lot of dry patches around the cheek area also my face is recovering from over exfoliation damage so my skin is quite flaky 

A small amount is sufficient to cover the whole face
Does it makes my makeup last longer ??? I don’t know i don’t wear makeup longer than 6hr so I just cant say much on this!! But it does smooths out my skin and hydrates it a little bit too 

That’s all  for now? Which primer do you use??

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