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Saturday, 20 January 2018

REVIEW: Heimish Artless Glow Base SPF50+ PA+++

January 20, 2018 0
A few months ago I saw the beautiful Areesha from ubeautiful blog swatch a sample of this gorgeousness on her instagram story and I knew it was love at first sight for me. Imagine my excitement when I finally got my hands on this 💕
Light as a serum and with strong UV ray protection, the Heimish Artless Glow Base is a hydrating all-in-one makeup primer and sunscreen! Its pearl colored, delicate formula will elevate the tone of your skin leaving it gorgeous and even.

INGREDIENTSWater, Butylene Glycol, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Ethylhexyl Salicylate, Phenylbenzimidazole Sulfonic Acid, Stearyl Alcohol, Triethanolamine, Octocrylene, Niacinamide, Diethylamino Hydroxybenzoyl Hexyl Benzoate, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, CI 77891(titanium dioxide), CI 77019 (mica), PEG-100 Stearate , Hydrogenated Lecithin, Glyceryl Stearate, Beeswax, Caprylyl Glycol, Carbomer, Adenosine, Disodium Edta, Tin Oxide, Carmine, Thymus Vulgaris (Thyme) Flower/Leaf Extract, Origanum Majorana Leaf Extract, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf Extract, Rosa Canina Fruit Extract, Fragrance
Quantity: 40ml
PRICE: $22

the grey and pink geometrical design printed squeeze tube with a rose-gold cap ( word Heimish embossed on top) is housed in chic cardboard box which look so luxurious and aesthetically pleasing.
 this is a multi action makeup primer,
1. It provides uv protection ( SPF 50)
2. It hydrates the skin
3. The pearly pink colored base brighten complexion, and gives it a healthy glow
4. It smooths out the skin
the iridescent base is beautiful . I sometimes love to wear it on its own as it makes my skin look so healthy. And sometimes on top of my foundation as a natural highlighter.
I have noticed that this has really really tiny glitter specks which reflect off light hence give shine and glow to the skin.
for me the texture felt easy to blend, lotion like and very light weight. I have oily skin and this honestly made by skin look so radiant.
I don't think this prolongs makeup wear time nor does it claim to do so but for those of you who are looking for glowy/ dewy primer. This is for you
I have worn this under several different foundation and bb cream and this worked so well with each and every one of them.
For me this is definitely one of the Holy Grail makeup products and I will continue to purchase this product as long as Heimish keeps on manufacturing it. you can purchase this at here

Friday, 20 October 2017

[REVIEW] Leejeeham life sun cushion spf 50 pa++++

October 20, 2017 0
Sunscreen are a crucial when it come to protecting your skin from premature aging and wrinkles. I seriously regret all those times when I never wore sunscreen and thought my skin was better-off without.  I could have saved my skin from so much damage and hyper pigmentation. Sigh!! So girls don't make the same skincare mistake I did.
This might shock some of you but according to some dermatologists (source: Google) you are suppose to re-apply sunscreen every 2 hrs as sun screen wears off with time.Now I don't know if its a marketing hoax (to make more sales) or a legit fact but for those of you who do re apply sunscreen after every few hours here is product to make things easier without ruining your makeup

I have been a huge fan of cushion foundations/ bb creams ever since they have been launched. the concept of them is so travel friendly and vintage. Do you know it was once considered every fashionable to apply powder or lipstick in public 😄
But I was so surprised and intrigued when i found out that now you can even have your sunscreen in a cushion compact packaging. Who would have though of such a cool idea?
 Leejeeham life sun cushion spf 50 pa++++ is a cushion sunscreen which delivers a beautiful semi matte glow to the face and gives it maximum sun protection from both UVA & UVB radiations.

It has avery chic looking white compact which a matte plastic casing. Inside these is a beautiful pink air cell puff and a mirror

Like all cushion compacts this is sealed to maintain the freshness and prevent the product from drying out. Once I peeled off the plastic cover I was greeted with a pleasant scent. It mild and doesn't lingers for long onto the skin

The sunscreen looks pink in the cushion compact but once applied onto the face this light weight sunscreen turns close to translucent so a slight pink hue/white cast. The air cell puff makes it handy it to apply the sunscreen over makeup. You can wear this under makeup too. It gives a lit from within glow.
Though I am guilty of not reapplying my sunscreen through out the day I definitely find it very handy to use early in the morning some days especially Sundays when I feel too lazy to pit on makeup I usually apply this over my face and go out to pick groceries with my mother at the bazaar. This just keeps my face safe from sun damage and makes my skin look toned up so I look put together with minimal effort 😊
 This cushion sunscreen is admittedly on the pricier side but the convenient chic white packaging, flash back free formula and minimum white cast, SPF 50 with PA++++ makes this a winner.The cushion can be popped out and replaced with a refill so this also environmental friendly and it comes with a mirror too 4/5 💎💎💎💎💎
☀ In my opinion Asian sunscreens are definitely worth splurging, as the formulation is suitable for sensitive,oily and acne prone skin

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


September 19, 2017 0

Being enrolled in medicine comes with its own perks, you can never have enough time because very spare time that you get is either spent catching up on the sleep that was lost due to studying or is spent catching up on the chores that need to be done.
being the skincare addict that i have become i want my skin to look flawless at all times but what to do when i have an evening/morning rotation and cant afford the luxury of skin pampering

i was super excited when i received this cool MAKEUP;PAL simplified skincare sample sized foils in my mail .which BTW carries all basic skincare products one would need in a hurry
*A round of Applause for the brand to come up with such a brilliant idea*

there are a total of 4 foils. each contains a separate product in it .

Step 1: Toner brightening balance

this is a slightly opaque toner which has little to no scent. ( I detected a faint floral scent but almost negligible) . It spreads easily and absorbs immediately into the skin. This restores the moisture balance of the skin which was lost after cleansing

Step 2 : Lotion Brightening

this smells mildly of roses( the scent is not artificial). The texture is very light and liquid-y so this absorbs into the skin after a few pats I have noticed that this brightens the complexion after

Step 3 : Cream white tone up

this has to be the  best brightening cream I have ever used. Firstly this smells of farangipani ( my favorite flower btw) secondly this just blurs out the pores, smooths out all imperfections on the skin and makes the skin instantly bright. I can totally skip wearing foundation / bb cream after wearing this cream. Its spreads evenly on the skin and leaves semi matte finish. If Makeup:pal ever decided to sell this cream separately I am going go be their one loyal customer 😉

Step 4 : Sunblock

the sunblock is a little on the heavier side and gives luminous glowy complexion. This does bot leave white cast nor does it has any scent so this is perfect for flash photography. This contains maximum sun protection SPF PA+++

Altogether I totally love this new skincare concept by MAKEUP:PAL . Its super convenient for people who have tough work routines
the packaging is cute and slim so this fits easily into purse or pocket moreover if you are going on a short 2-3 dats trip you can take this along with you. Not to mention this follows the airplane safety guidelines so this perfect to take it along with you on a flight

Each foil contains 1.5 ml of product which is good enough to be used twice 😍.

this comes in box of 10 and retails for 20$ each. Totally good value for your money particularly when you have four skin care products in one leaf

you can know more about the brand by


Thursday, 6 July 2017

[Review] BentonPapaya-D Sun Cream

July 06, 2017 0
Benton Cosmetics is one of the brands which has made it name in the beauty market be it the West or the East Established in 2011 it has released a lot of products which have become cult favorite. [ i am looking at you snail and Bee venom essence]

recently Benton cosmetics organized an event where they picked lucky testers to try out their new Papaya D suncream, this is actually the first ever suncream/ sunscreen and i think they have nailed the product right in first go

**** I was sent this product by Benton Cosmetics in exchange for an honest review*****

The name and definition of Benton took its motives from the movie ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ (also known as ‘Benjamin Button goes backwards in time’ in Korea) which had a warm touch on many people’s heart. In the movie, Benjamin is born as an old man and he becomes younger and younger as time goes by and ultimately dies as a new born baby. Benjamin happens to deeply fall in love with a woman named Daisy. However, as time goes by and as Benjamin becomes younger he has no choice but to leave Daisy. What if Daisy could have also turned back time on her physical appearance, wouldn’t she be happier?

It may just be a fictional movie, but wouldn’t most people have the same desire to be young again? Benton’s desire is to turn back the time of your skin. Unlike the instant temporary effect created by harmful ingredients, we hoped to improve skin care by using the healthy ingredients in our products which will help regain your skin to its original healthy condition
(source: Benton cosmetics official website )

i have oily skin which has tendency to breakout pretty easily. my main goal when picking out skincare or makeup is to avoid formulas which have high content of oil in them because that's the kind of stuff which causes acne and pimples. for the past 2 years i have been using a medicated sun block which was prescribe to me by a dermatologist. now if i be honest i haven't been using it as regularly as i should because the texture of the sun cream is thick and greasy so my skin totally feels suffocated in summer and during rainy seasons
when i applied for the tester opportunity i was excited and skeptic because i have heard great things about korean sun screens and this was a first time for me trying out an asian suncream

The Benton Papaya D suncream comes in a very travel friend squeeze tube which is clean white in color and has a silver cap. i really like how chic and sophisticated the packaging. also the nozle makes it super hygienic to use

Quantity: 50 gm ( man i am sure this is going to last me a very long time )

Price : 18-20 $

About the product:

Benton claims that this suncream is light and moist
has a citrus-y scent and has white color, physical sun screen and has temporary white cast
SPF 38 PA+++ (pretty good any sun screen about SPF 30 gives about 97% protection from UVB rays while PA protects from UVA radiations

My thoughts

compared to the sun creams i have used in past this is indeed light in weight .on application this feels light on the skin and gives a healthy sheen. it has good moisturizing properties. i think you can wear this under your foundation and totally skip up on moisturizer or primer( at least for people having oily skin ). i has a faint scent i cant really detect the scent though but it does not stays for long . just vanishes during application . As its a physical sun cream it does have white color but don't let that scare you as this blends so beautifully into the skin that there are no signs of a white cast . i took a picture of my self with the flash on and viola no signs of flash back so you can mix this with your foundation.

this suncream is moisturizing in a non greasy kind of way . for people with oily skin this might emphasize the oil on your face slightly but i am sure you can achieve a  glow-y makeup look( all the strobbing and highlighting trend that  has been  around lately). i am pretty sure this is going to work out even more better in winter . luckily the dreaded comedones and blackheads did not pop up during my 1 week use.

although this is designed for all skin types i think people with combination, normal and dry skin are going to enjoy it more as compared to people with oily skin .
Well done Benton cosmetics you have done a great job with this sun cream

you can purchase this online at Benton cosmetics website

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Ponds Age Miracle Cell ReGEN Day cream

March 22, 2017 2

Ponds is perhaps a brand as old as our grandfather or even older than that. I remember my father applying ponds cold cream( lemon scented) to my chapped hands in winters when I was in grade 1
Recently I was sent a few products in honor of ponds miracle journey ( a tribute to 100 inspiring pakistani women)

Today I will be reviewing the ponds akin renew age rewind cream. Now I am in my twenties so I think its quite early for me start on anti wrinkle creams that's why I gave this cream to my mom and  questioned her about the creams performance after a couple of weeks. So lets get into the review

Quantity:35 ml


Its a beautiful glass jar which has a shiny red cap. There is another protective plastic lid inside to retain the texture and freshness of this face cream


As it is labelled for day time use this creams has a smooth texture which absorbs right into the skin on application leaving slightly brightened up skin with a hint of shimmer ( must be the pearl powder) .it has a nice light pink color and rose scent. This cream is high on spf so it does feels slightly tacky/heavy on the skin

So far didn't witness any wrinkle reducing properties but she did found her skin noticeably hydrated and bright. My mom likes to wear this under her foundation as a primer. For a day creams this is good option as it has sunscreen in it but the whole age rewinding claim is a bit fickle

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