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Sunday, 17 December 2017

SOC 3D Beauty Serum Face mask

December 17, 2017 0
Earlier this month I shared a post on my instagram on how much I enjoyed using this mask
So finally here it is my thoughts on these fun sheet masks

One thing which confuses me about these masks is the Japanese written on the packaging, was it because they were originally designed for Japanese market? Or were these masks formulated in Japan and later sold in Korea? If you know the reason please let me know
I like this serum vial shaped packaging looks vibrant and cute. Though the instructions and   ingredients list is stated in Japanese you can know more by clicking at the link here
There are about 6 variants in total in the range
Rice wine - Nourishes , Firmness
EGF - Bouncy skin, Revitalising, Smoothing
Placenta -  Brightening, Smoothing
- Moisturizing
Synake  - Firming , Smoothing
Snail - Anti Ageing
The instructions state to use this after refrigeration in summer and to place it in warm water for 3 minutes in winters
General over view:
These sheetmasks have close to none scent. The sheet is made out of cotton so its thick and soaks up the serum pretty well. The most interesting part has to be the 3D design  these masks are stitched in middle so the fit is perfect . I love how it fit my face so well ( its like an exclusive glove for face
The serum is water like and thin so it absorbs really easily into the skin, since the weather is cold the serum in EGF mask turned into gel but after a few minutes of rubbing it transformed into water again.
The moisture one gets from these masks is amazing. The hydrate the skin but don't leave any sticky / tacky residue behind which is great as I personally prefer masks which give matte finish to the skin. You don't get 100% brightening / lightening effect from these but the effect is there.
I have worn the SOC 3D Beauty Serum Face mask in EGF and Rice wine and really enjoy how it felt on my skin. I have oily skin so I try to avoid sheet mask which have viscous serum but this felt so comfortable on the skin. The watery serum didn't take much time to sink in and made my skin feel so and hydrated. Would recommend these masks for sure

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Garnier skinactive tissue mask hydra bomb

September 05, 2017 0
It wouldn't be wrong to say that western skincare is lacking when  compared to the Asian skincare.  The technology and the ingredients used in Asian skincare are quite effective in treating various skincare problems. With that being said I am very happy when I see brands come up with products that are affordable and give satisfactory results
Garnier recently came out with these tissue masks aka the sheet masks which don't claim to do a lot many things another than give skin a boost of  hydration

I was sent two masks by Lotus Pr from the range to try out .
I will start with the super hydrating replenishing mask

This mask has pomegranate extracts and hyaluronic acid. It is suitable for sensitive skin type
According to the direction this mask should be applied to the face for 15 minutes after which one will notice rehydrated , smooth and radiant skin. Using this mask Continuously  for one week will reduce fine lines and give plumper skin

As soon as I tore open the foil I was met with a pleasant scent now be warned that the scent is strong and lingers through out the duration the mask is applied. In the beginning it smelled nice but then after some time it began to smell like alcohol. The mask has two sheets. One is blue scratchy cover like thing which you are supposed to discard and the other is a soft tissue like white mask. In my opinion the blue cover is just a nuisance so just get rid of it as soon as you open the mask because it makes it so hard to settle the actual tissue mask on your face ( i wasted a good 10 minutes trying to understand that stupid thing and finally took the wise decision and threw it)

This mask literally just clings onto the face without much effort. I seriously just roamed around the house with this on and wasn't afraid of it falling off ( some thing I haven't experienced with Korean sheetmasks) it just sticks to the face like second skin. The sheet is generously drenched with serum .( almost dripping). But the fit is terrible . The cut out  for the eyes is small and placed a bit high so when I applied it onto my face it was almost invading the margins of my lower lid. The cut out for the lip is not comfortable either.  The size of the mask is good though( I have a small face so I tucked out the ends under my chin )
I left this mask on for more than 15 minutes because I tried my best to take a presentable selfie but no matter how many poses I tried I still looked like psycho killer.😅

After removing the mask I tried my best to tolerate the tacky feel of serum but it was just too much for my oily skin and eventually I had no choice but to wash my face. My skin even after washing felt soft and plump. This surprising brightened my complexion which is new as it didn't claimed to do so. I waited for the dreaded pimples to pop up the next day but they didn't.  Altogether for the price this mask is great for people with dry to combination skin. For oily skin beauties it would be best to use this in winter or try out the variant designed for oily skin. This is also great when you want to have a fun pampering skincare session with friends or you want to prep you skin for some special occasion ( Eid or wedding maybe  😏)

Thursday, 31 August 2017

[Review] Skin guardian 3 step total face mask

August 31, 2017 2
One of the disappointing masks i have tried out in a while are these Secret A skin guardian sheet masks . Everything about these masks other than ampoule is disappointing. Don't get me wrong these masks provide good hydration and make the skin moisturizer but I didn't notice the brightening effect 😔

I started out with the Vita whitening 3 step total face mask .

Step 1: is an O2 bubble cleanser now as the name suggests it a bubble cleanser I hoped that this would lather up nicely with lot of bubbles but unfortunately it didn't. No lather no bubbles . I did clean my face and remove sebum but the bubble part was missing one of the things i noticed was that this didn't had any scent at all which is quite new for Korean skincare.

Step 2 : Ampoule. This was Like water so so light and just absorbs into the skin within seconds . I would definitely buy the full size version of this ampoule . The product in the foil was good enough to be used twice

Step 3: Sheet mask.
This was generously soaked in serum so when I took it out there was some serum left in the packet.I placed the mask on my face and tried to wait for the serum to work its magic but then I noticed that the serum felt heavy and very suffocating on my skin. I began to feel a little itchy on the sides of my face and it felt so uncomfortable that I had to remove the mask after 15 minutes. My skin didn't look bright or white. It just looked irritated
I washes my face twice with cold water to calm it down

Wrinkle 3 step total facial mask

I gave this one to my mom to try since this is targeted for mature skin. She had the same review on the cleanser and the lack of bubbles. She liked the ampoule though . For her the amount was enough to apply on her face and her neck. The sheet mask thankful didn't gave her any bad reaction.  She applied it to her face for 15 minutes (precautionary measure) . She said it made her skin hydrated but not much brightening was noticed. The serum on this was not heavy it was light and absorbed into the skin after a couple of pats

Aqua 3 step total face mask

I tried out this mask and found it a bit better than the brightening version. The serum on this felt exactly like the ampoule it absorbed into the skin though there was a slightly tacky residue left on the skin after removal of mask. My skin felt soft and hydrated I didn't notice much brightening but the chok chok skin felt nice. The ampolue was nice it had adequate product to be used twice m the cleanser didn't lather up but it left my skin squeaky clean

Collagen 3 step total face mask

you should know by now that none of the 4 variants masks have a cleanser that bubbles up . This mask is still in my collection waiting to be used up so I might try this one when I am free 😊

All in one I think these masks are a miss for me as I prefer masks which brighten skin

Thankyou skin18 for sending me these masks to try

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Beauty Friends II essence mask sheet pack Royal Jelly

May 11, 2017 1
I am back with  a sheet mask review . I was sent this mask in exchange for an honest review so after using this mask here is what I think of it.

I got measles a few weeks back and ever since that incident my skin has numerous scars, and is now dry, patchy and flaky. So to tame the dryness I often slather on a lot of moisturizer on my face to keep it hydrated and make my makeup look smooth and flawless
The chief ingredient of Beauty Friends II mask is royal jelly
Now Royal jelly has a  lot of medicinal and skin benefiting properties. It heals the skin, hydrates and moisturizes it. It even fights tumours. Cool right !!!
Quantity: 23 g of serum

This mask is packed in a very vibrant packing. It's travel friendly and secure to keep the mask safe. The instructions written at the back are unfortunately written in Korean but there is an illustrated tutorial/guide for directions.
Upon opening the mask I was greeted with mild sweet scent. Now I don't mind scented products as long as they don't smell if they don't have the weird metallic scent. So this smell very nice to me.  I pulled out the mask which thankfully had adequate serum but was not dripping. And unfolded it. Them I placed it on my clean, washed face( I cleansed my face before applying the sheet mask so that the serum of the mask absorbed better) unlike the Foodaholic 3D mask, this fit my face shape quite nicely. The material of the sheet mask was soft and non scratchy. I leaned back on the couch with the mask on and after 30 minutes I removed it. I patted my face amd neck with remaining serum.

Here is what I noticed my face looked plump. The scars looked less flaky. My skin felt hydrated and smooth. More importantly my makeup went on so easily on my face. I didn't had to spent extra time trying to blend the foundation and make it look even . The effect of the sheet mask lasted for one day only unfortunately because the next day my skin was back to it horrible self again. But I guess this has something to do with post measles skin. This mask is pretty good and is the price is very budget friendly. currently has this mask and a lot of other sheet masks on sale right now. So girls go and grab them before the stock runs out .
you can purchase this mask here

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

kbeautilicious product review: IOPE, Banila co, Eunyul

April 18, 2017 0
II recently had an opportunity to try out a couple of products by kbeautilicious. So after a week of testing. I am going to review them

IOPE  Air Cushion RX

The first thing I tried out was the Iope air cushion rx in sample size. Now I have cushion foundations in my wish list for almost 1 year. Since this is a sample version there is no air puff applicator but rather the regular latex sponge  to apply foundation.

The foundation is in shade n 21 vanilla which matched my skin perfectly it has light to medium coverage and the formula is very hydrating on the skin. I also detected a slight scent was was pleasant and not bothersome. This foundation lasted for 5hrs on my face and began to rub off after that from certain spots on my face. I think this is best suited for dry skin and winter season when the skin tends to become dry and flaky

Will I purchase the full version? Definitely

Banila and co. Clean it zero

This is an extremely hyped up balm like oil cleanser which is made up of mineral oil. Now a little word of warning ⚠ here: Mineral oil is a comedogenic agent so if you have acne prone skin steer clear of this cleanser.  I scooped up a bit of product with my fingers and it began to melt instantly. I massaged this into my skin and washed it water and double cleansed  my face with a gel cleanser

this balm is an oil cleanser which loosen ups the makeup and tough oil proof formulas which Are hard to be easily washed off with a regular cleanser.  i just removed my face makeup with this and it worked pretty well. I did a little research and found out that this cleanser comes in a few other variants for sensitive , oily and acne prone skin.

Will I purchase the full size version? Hell yes why not?

Eunyul Natural Moisture Mask Pack in Collagen

Even though I am in my twenties I have tried out a lot of collagen masks already. Collagen is a good hydrating agent. It has skin forming and wrinkle reducing properties. Unlike the many sheet masks I have tried out before this mask by eunyul comes in a smaller packaging but contains equal amount of product in I.e 22ml

Reducing the plastic packaging dimensions is a very eco friendly decision I must say. This has a strong smell but it was not bad. I applied the mask on my face and waited for the serum to absorb into my skin for 40 mins. The serum made my skin itch slightly but it wasn't to uncomfortable. After removing the mask I pated my face and neck with the remaining serum. My skin felt instantly hydrated and a little plump.the effect remained for the whole day. To get full effect I think one has to use the mask consistently for quite some days.

thats all 

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Best and Worst of year 2016 in terms of Makeup and Skincare

January 04, 2017 0
Here is break down report of what I think are the worst beauty products of year 2016

Worst beauty products :

Freemans cucumber mask was the worst mask I have ever tried despite all the rav-views it got the mask does nothing to the skin. Its just like spreading water glue on the face and peeling it off. total waste of money , skin renewing and moisturizing are you kidding me???

Ponds toner is another product which turned out to be a disappointment. It didn't clean my skin or balanced out ph of my face in fact it just made my pores clog up and made my skin break out terribly
 the only thing good was its scent and thats it !!!

The very hyped about korean peel off lip tint was another waste of money, it didn't stain my lip a slight bit. the stain just bled on slight contact with water and made me look like a Dracula.

What I think was the best discovered product and what was worth the investment

I experimented with false eyelashes this year and discovered a lot of great affordable lashes in the local market and found the design which suits my eyes best

Best discovery was Korean sheet masks, these beauties are wonderful and give instant punch of hydration, give a very luxurious spa like feel

Good investment was the holika holika bb cream, its smells nice, long lasting and has medium coverage so looks natural on the skin

Also found a skin cream for my oily skin by oriflame which does not causes breaks out and has hydrating properties suitable for oily skin

Clazona matte lip gloss , our very own paksitani liquid lipsticks easy on the pocket , vast color selection and very long lasting

My new year resolutions for the year 2017

I plan to try more  Korean makeup and skincare products as I have been impressed with what I have tried last year

I also plan to write more quality blog posts this year

I am going to try to post makeup looks this year on my blog

Extend my skincare collection and add some good skincare products to my inventory

Just like last year I resolve to finish up more makeup products from my makeup collection

Try to gain at least 5 kg more weight (I am terribly underweight)

Stop buying makeup on impulse

Empties  for the year of 2016

admittedly a few empties ended up in the trash can which i forgot to photograph but the ones i managed to save in a bag are here in this photograph, i finished a full sized chubby stick, a lip balm, eyeliner, a full size face mask and a sun screen , the rest are sheet masks and sample sized creams i finished :)

thats all for todays post !!

what are your resolutions for year 2017?

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Skin 18 review: Luke hyaluron face mask, luke mugwort Nose strip and luke hydrogel eye patch

November 20, 2016 1 sent me three products by luke

Luke Essence Mask hyaluron

Firstly is the hyaluronic face mask.this mask contains hyaluronic acid which has moisturizing properties. Due to the dry cold my oily skin is acting pretty weird these days. The area around my nose and cheek feels dry and sore at times. This mask nursed my skin pretty good. It replenished the moisture and made my skin soft like a baby.  This mask fit my face shape nicely and contained very generous amount of serum. I feared it might drip lol. As always I enjoyed wearing this mask and the great thing is that the moisturizing effect lasted for two days 👍

Luke Nose Patch mugwort

I have already tried this nose strip by luke and in my opinion about this pore strip is same. Its great for the price and does a fantastic job of pulling out all the black heads and gunk from the pores. For proof check out the picture below

  Luke Nose Patch mugwort

Since its winters I didn't applied this eye patch cold like I previously did. But it did felt cool and tingly none the less. I didn't notice any major difference in my wrinkles but I did notice that this eye patch made my eyes look less tired and more bright and refreshed then before

and this concludes my review of all the products i have been sent by currently has some awesome deals running on their website so do check them out

Saturday, 5 November 2016

skin 18 mask: purederm yogurt grape pack and mirum fresh fruit green tea mask review

November 05, 2016 0

Purederm yogurt grape pack

(Wash off type massage pack)


The only variety  of wash off masks I have ever used are  freemans mud mask, so using this moisturizing wash off mask was new for me

 this is an opaque white mask which has a synthetic grape scent with miniature granules for exfoliation. The granules are very little in number and very fine.
the mask has a cream like texture which absorbs within a minute into the skin as soon as its massaged on to the face

In my opinion this sachet contains enough  product which can be used twice,
I applied a dime size of this mask to my face in gentle circular motions and then left it on my face for 20 mins( I know the instructions say to leave it for 5-10 mins)

This washed off quite easily. It didn't lather or foam when washing. After patting my skin dry I noticed that it was soft and moisturized and my complexion was slightly lighter
For the price this mask is good skincare product

Mirum fresh fruit green tea sheet mask


I love the scent of green tea , so I was very excited to try this out
I applied this mask early in the morning while sipping my morning tea. The experience altogether was so refreshing . This smells exactly like free tea.  Green tea has the quality of hydrating lightening and detoxifying skin so this mask is perfect for all kind of skin types

After washing my face with a cleanser I applied this sheet mask to my face and left it on for 30 mins. I wanted my skin to absorb all the goodness this mask was offering hehe 😊

The sheet mask has a soft texture and is very gentle on the skin I was a bit large for my face but that's not too problematic. On removal I massaged the left over product on my face and neck
My skin felt soft and supple for two days which is so good since the weather is getting cold lately and my skin is acting quite weird

I have oily skin so creams and lotions using clog up my pores and make my skin break out but I am pleased to report that I didn't experience any breakouts after using this mask
I am so much interested to try out other variants from this line of sheet masks

That's all for now review of other products coming up soon


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