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Friday, 10 November 2017

Leegeeham HOPE 5 Ξ±- Control cream

November 10, 2017 1
I was sent this cream courtesy Leegeeham by Ms Aileen for review purpose

 A moisturizing cream specially designed for oily skin I was very curious because it contains 5 alpha hydroxy acid a chemical compound used to inhibit the action of 5 Ξ± reductase the main culprit of excess oil/sebum production and Hirsutism ( excess hair growth) in females
Just like the Hyal B5 cream this is cased in a very sturdy travel friendly container. There is a protective lid to keep the product from spilling and maintain its freshness
This cream has a faint propolis like scent which is good because I was afraid it might smell have that chemistry lab like scent 😳
The texture of this cream is a somewhat like a lotion its viscous and feels like a emulsion/ lotion.

Now I have been using my favourite green tea cream for 2 yrs straight because it absorbs immediately into the skin giving a matte finish so I had the same concept of matte akin in my mind but I was quite surprised when I applied this onto my skin
Instead of absorbing immediately this took about 5 minutes and instead of leaving that matte/ dry skin . It made my skin feel so and satin like. Moreover my makeup went on so much smoothly afterwards. What I have deduced after using this for almost a month is that this cream restores the moisture which an oily skin needs ( something which many of us oily skin people are guilty of) so this in return regulates sebum product and the skin does not feels the need to produce more oil

My experience with heavy creams have not been pleasant in the past but this one is definitely a product made after a lot of research. This does not clog up pores, cause breakout more exacerbate pimples.
The ingredient list and instructions are printed both in English and Hangul (Korean) on the box
Since the cream is on pricier side I suggest you to use a spatula to scoop out cream so that no extra bacteria is introduces in the cream( hygiene comes first)
I searched for skincare products containing 5 Ξ±-Hydroxy acids and I didn't found many so this is a one of its kind product which controls excess sebum production.
Do you know leegeeham has more product in this range. You can know more  by clicking here

Saturday, 4 November 2017


November 04, 2017 0
Leegeeham recently launched the GROW HYAL B5 CREAM
Leegeeham is a Korean cosmetics brand designed by a team of dermatologists, so their products are a combination of pharmaceutical and cosmetics. Each product is  well researched and delivers what It promises
This cream Is a combination of vitamin B5 and Hyaluronic acid and has the tendency to provide more moisture and hydration than water

The reason why I don't have picture of its box is that my package ended up in a mail ( accident which resulted in damage to the packaging thankfully the container is intact)

The two main ingredients are B5 and hyaluronic acid.
B5 provides hydration, it prevents aging and acne and maintains skin elasticity
While hyaluronic acid revitalizes skin. makes it  softer and smooth, also reduces fine lines and wrinkles
About the Packaging:
A very practical chic white container which is perfect for traveling . There is a protective lid inside to maintain the freshness of the cream
Quantity: 50ml
About the product:
The texture is very interesting even though it says cream, it feels more like a gel. There is a nice scent to it . To my nose it smells like custard but my sister thinks it smells spicy
The product spreads easily onto the skin and takes about 3-5 minutes to absorb into the skin . I don't usually don't pat my creams into the skin ( that's some it have reserved for my serum and essence). Combined with the ampoule this makes a  perfect duo something which  does not requires more skincare steps.
The wow factor: My skin its feels so bouncy, I asked my mother to try this out. For reference she has mature dry skin. On her skin the results where more pronounced. The wrinkles and fine lines on her skin were smoothed out. All the dryness was gone.To explain it more thoroughly its best to say that this cream hydrates parched , dry and dehydrated skin so the lines created due to dehydration are reduced when moisture barrier goes back to normal. 
MY OPINIONI have worn this cream on its own, used it with the leegeeham Hyal B5 ampoule and even used it in combination with vitamin C . So far no adverse reaction encountered.
My mom loved this cream so much that i had no choice but to give it to her 😁
(This cream has got my mothers stamp of approval) My mom has decided to add this to  her night time skin care routine as it makes her skin feels so much soft and smooth every morning. Plus she wants the B5 and Hyaluronic acid to work their magic while she is asleep.
I think is perfect for winter but is it suitable for summers too? Only change of season will tell
This cream has got my mothers stamp of approval.

Friday, 3 November 2017

[Review] Purito Vitamin C serum 60 ml

November 03, 2017 1

Been eyeballing skincare products containing Vitamin C serum ever since I started taking interest in skincare but the high price tag always kept me from making a purchase. So i gave my skin the dose of Vitamin C it deserved by applying diluted lemon juice mixed with glycerin onto my face once every week (This DIY leaves skin soft and bright it also lightens hyper pigmentation) But some weeks ago I had an opportunity to try this Purito Vitamin C serum and now i wish i had tried this sooner. This smells like vitamin supplements πŸ˜† (gross right ) but the results which you get afterwards are really worth all the trouble and bad smell πŸ˜…
The serum is cased in a sturdy tinted plastic bottle( vitamin C tends to oxidize pretty fast so tinted bottles prevent them from un necessary light exposure) with a pump(very convenient and handy) and contains 60 ml of serum in it. The pump dispenses product quite generously so 1 pump is enough to cover the whole face
This serum has a light straw color  and has a water like texture which is not greasy or slippery. On application it stings slightly (its bearable) I have noticed that the sting vanishes once the serum dries down and is absorbed. My skin feels super smooth every time I use this.
 Long term effects: Reduced hyper pigmentation and lighter acne scars πŸ‘. Since Vitamin C/ ascorbic acid  content is 10% I have decided to use this once every week as I don't want to damage my skin with too much acids and exfoliation. Sometimes I mix this serum with my regular face cream and apply this onto the face. This serum is a must have if you are starting out with skincare and want to incorporate some skin vitalising/ collagen boosting product to your routine πŸ™†. This can be purchased at eopen market

Thursday, 28 September 2017

[REVIEW] Bliv O2 Bubbly Bright oxygenating mask

September 28, 2017 1

When I washed my πŸ’† now I am believer πŸ˜…. who remembers this song from SHREK (chuckle)
Tried this BLIV bubbly O2 bubbly bright oxygenating mask and was surprised that my face looked as bright as sunshine πŸ˜‰ ( ok that's a bit of exaggeration) but seriously you guys, this mask gives instant brightening to the face.
pretty much every skincare brand that i know of has been coming up with their own bubbling mask but not all of them fulfil the tall claims that they are making, however this mask is a different story
rice is one of the oldest skincare ingredient used in many Asian countries to brighten the skin. its used lighten the complexion and tone skin and yes Rice is one of the chief ingredient of this mask you can totally imagine the effects this mask deliver?
 The mask is housed in a medium sized container with a protective lid to prevent mask from oxidizing and a spatula. I highly recommend you to use the spatula as this helps the product to remain fresh also a word of advice immediately close the lid of the container as soon you scoop out the product or else it will start to bubble up in the container
 The mask has a lotion/cream like texture with tiny red beads for exfoliation. It's recommended to scoop out the product using a spatula. Once the mask is massaged onto the face (dry skin) it immediately begins to foam up. The foam is not too thick but its there. There is funny ticklish feel when its turning into bubbles 😁 the bubbles lasts for about 2-3 mins even less if you are sitting under a fan
I left the mask on for 10 minutes massaged my face once again and then splashed it with cold water. My skin looked brighter/fairer plus it felt soft and matte. This effect lasted for quite some time and I felt like the pores on my cheek looked sort of small. cant say much about the stubborn pores on my nose because very few things work on them😐

In terms of physical exfoliation I didn't notice much difference because the beads are sparse so didn't manage to remove the dead skin on my chin and cheeks. This mask retails for approx 39-40$.
though the mask is on the pricier side the effects it delivers totally justifies the money. the brand is really confident about the performance of its product as it promises money back if the product falls short on your expectation,


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Korean Makeup Haul

September 13, 2017 2
I am so excited to share the products I bough recently. If you follow my blog on instagram then you must be already aware about the product I am going to show you guys. I purchased these from Beauty and The Skinmaskuarade

Firstly I purchase  this cute Innisfree LE X Emoji No sebum powder. This is one of the most hyped up loose powder in the Korean beauty world . Pretty much every blogger swear buys this product. Since I have a Skin as oily as an oil slick.  This sounded like a dream product for my skin. I have used this product for almost a months and soon I will be sharing my thoughts on this powder so if you are curious keep watching this space.

Next up is also a cult favourite product the Misha M Magic Cushion in shade #21. My first ever cushion foundation. I have used this only once and so far I am totally amazed by the finish it provides .i will continue to use this product for some time and then give your guys my honest opinion
I loved watching a Korean drama featuring Ji Chang Wook and Yoona called The K2 and that's how i was  first introduced to this cute wine lip tint by chateau labiotte after scanning many online stores and reading numerous reviews I finally saw the minis on beauty joint for 3.25 $ and that when I added this to my cart. The tube is so tiny and so cute  😍
Its skin is one of the lesser known Korean brand which makes a lot of great products. I have sallow skin so decided to invest in a color correcting base to neutralize my skin tone. Cute isn't it??

Thursday, 31 August 2017

[Review] Skin guardian 3 step total face mask

August 31, 2017 2
One of the disappointing masks i have tried out in a while are these Secret A skin guardian sheet masks . Everything about these masks other than ampoule is disappointing. Don't get me wrong these masks provide good hydration and make the skin moisturizer but I didn't notice the brightening effect πŸ˜”

I started out with the Vita whitening 3 step total face mask .

Step 1: is an O2 bubble cleanser now as the name suggests it a bubble cleanser I hoped that this would lather up nicely with lot of bubbles but unfortunately it didn't. No lather no bubbles . I did clean my face and remove sebum but the bubble part was missing one of the things i noticed was that this didn't had any scent at all which is quite new for Korean skincare.

Step 2 : Ampoule. This was Like water so so light and just absorbs into the skin within seconds . I would definitely buy the full size version of this ampoule . The product in the foil was good enough to be used twice

Step 3: Sheet mask.
This was generously soaked in serum so when I took it out there was some serum left in the packet.I placed the mask on my face and tried to wait for the serum to work its magic but then I noticed that the serum felt heavy and very suffocating on my skin. I began to feel a little itchy on the sides of my face and it felt so uncomfortable that I had to remove the mask after 15 minutes. My skin didn't look bright or white. It just looked irritated
I washes my face twice with cold water to calm it down

Wrinkle 3 step total facial mask

I gave this one to my mom to try since this is targeted for mature skin. She had the same review on the cleanser and the lack of bubbles. She liked the ampoule though . For her the amount was enough to apply on her face and her neck. The sheet mask thankful didn't gave her any bad reaction.  She applied it to her face for 15 minutes (precautionary measure) . She said it made her skin hydrated but not much brightening was noticed. The serum on this was not heavy it was light and absorbed into the skin after a couple of pats

Aqua 3 step total face mask

I tried out this mask and found it a bit better than the brightening version. The serum on this felt exactly like the ampoule it absorbed into the skin though there was a slightly tacky residue left on the skin after removal of mask. My skin felt soft and hydrated I didn't notice much brightening but the chok chok skin felt nice. The ampolue was nice it had adequate product to be used twice m the cleanser didn't lather up but it left my skin squeaky clean

Collagen 3 step total face mask

you should know by now that none of the 4 variants masks have a cleanser that bubbles up . This mask is still in my collection waiting to be used up so I might try this one when I am free 😊

All in one I think these masks are a miss for me as I prefer masks which brighten skin

Thankyou skin18 for sending me these masks to try

Saturday, 12 August 2017

[Review] Fernberry skincare

August 12, 2017 1
Today i will be reviewing Fernberry skincare products that were sent to me for review. I want to thank the Fernberry team sale executive Ms Japhet Abad for the opportunity( such a sweet person, she highlighted all the features regarding the products and guided me on how to use them correctly to see maximum results)
****disclaimer: even though the products were sent for review. The thoughts and views stated are purely my own , unbiased and honest ****

At Fernberry, we promise to deliver customer satisfaction through building long-term relationships, by providing carefully thought-out products. Let Fernberry spoil you and give you the skin-pampering you deserve.
All our products are made with love and a perfect way to share love and time with others too. Use Fernberry as a way to bond, pamper and give time to others and enjoy what it feels like to be touched and caress others with Fernberry's love.
Fernberry uses next generation moisture Ingredients from Japanese skincare and all the products are packed in white cardboard boxes with details on them

Firstly I will be reviewing Fernberry  Petals & Cream Softening Hand Cream

Quantity: 50ml

The design of this cream is very simple and pretty. I like skincare products which have white bottle/tube they look so sophisticated. The squeeze tube is very hygienic. The Cap is secure so its travel friendly and the size is good enough to keep it in my college bag

This smells like rose petals   since I have oily skin I usually tend to avoid creams which leave behind a sticky and oily residue because then all the dust and dirt just sticks to the grease and makes the hand dirty so I have to wash them up again but with this cream I didn't have any of these issues it just sank into the skin after a  few minutes and made my hands soft and moisturized.

I also asked by mom to try this out and she liked this even more. My mom has dry skin so her hands become flaky and rough. This cream made her hands soft and all the roughness was smooth and even. after she washed her hands the moisturizing effect of the cream was still there. So so pleased with the results.

Next up is the Fernberry Mochi Lips Nourishing Lip Conditioner -"a perfect lip treatment to add to your kit, it immediately softens & conditions lips with a  luscious blend of yuzu essential oil, tsubaki flower, sweet almond and sunflower seed"

Quantity :10ml

This comes in a lip gloss like tube which makes it handy and easy to apply throughout the day. The scent is one of the things i love about this product it literally smells like a floral garden and citrus so so sweet and refreshing
Japhet actually challenged me to try this out before applying my most drying/ matte lipstick and see the result so I applied this lip conditioner before applying my clazona matte liquid lipstick and wow my lips looked so much better and felt so soft and smooth throughout they day. They also went well with my lip stains.  I also asked my sister to try this lip conditioner because she is often chewing on her lips so they look dry and cracked. She applied this before going to bed and in the morning her lips looked better, the cracks very not completely healed but lips looked plump and smooth
Here is how fern berry recommends to use the lip treatment

please take note that the Mochi Lips should be dry and absorbed by the lips already before putting any lipstick on. Wait for at least 10min (30min for retro matte lipsticks) for it to set.

Part II of this post will be upload soon. Till then bye
You can purchase fernberry products
Fernberry Skincare

Friday, 9 June 2017

Nature republic aloe cleansing gel cream

June 09, 2017 2
My skin has thankful gone back to normal and luckily the scars have reduced considerably. So I am now back to. Using cleansers which reduce oil production. One of the products which is still a part of my skincare routine is this gel cleanser by nature republic. If you look through my cabinet you might be very amused to see the number of cleansers/makeup removers I currently own Its insane .I think I don't have to buy another cleanser for next two years now 😊

Back to the review, I purchased this cleanser from the skinmaskaurade exhibition. I feel like kicking myself now for not purchasing more things from the exhibition( major regrets) this cleanser comes in a mint green squeezable tube which holds about 150ml of product inside. The nozzle was sealed when I purchased this. This has a green cap which does not close properly.( I think I got one with faulty lid)

Now onto the real deal which is inside the tube. Nature republic markets this product as a makeup remover which hydrates and moisturizes skin. When I removed the seal I was met with a very pleasant fresh scent of the cleanser. On squeezing the tube gel came out . The gel is clear and has a watery feel to it. It doesn't lather up at all and has a bitter taste to it. After using this the scent remained on my face for sometime.
 Now Nature republic recommends to massage this gel  onto the face to remove makeup and impurities and then wipe it off with a tissue and then follow it with a foam cleanser. I improvised on the instructions a bit and after massaging this on my face I removed it with water. Here's what I noticed this didn't completely remove my makeup. The base makeup was definitely gone but traces of eyeliner, mascara and liquid lipstick were still there for reference I use non water proof mascara.

Since makeup removing properties are not on par with my Garnier and Bioderma Micellar water I have decided to use this as a regular face wash and I am very pleased to tell you guys that this has helped my skin so much. It removes the oil from my face so well moreover my sebaceous glands have started behaving themselves. This does hydrate and moisture the skin unlike many of face washes I have tried in the past this does not leaves my skin overly dry and flaky.

As a makeup cleanser this product has some deficiencies but as a face wash / face cleanser I think this is a good product
This retails for 6$ on nature republic's official website and can be purchased in Pakistan for about 900 Pkr.
Have you tried anything by nature republic? Would you recommend any product by this brand to me??

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

My current skincare 2017

May 24, 2017 1
The holy month of Ramadan is almost here and I am so excited πŸ˜ƒ. Even though it has been over a month since i got measles my skin has not come back to its normal pattern. So my there has been some major changes skincare routine to deal with the dry flaky skin.

Before I share the products with you guys here is a request. If you haven't got measles as of yet please get vaccinated because trust me adult measles are more severe than childhood measles. The disease is very exhausting and takes a very long time to recover. The sign and symptoms are severe and more pronounced. And the measles scar take a long time to disappear so just save your self from all the trouble and get vaccinated. As vaccination gives life long protection
Ok back to the original post. I will start of with cleanser first. My skin is normally oily. So I use cleanser which reduce oil production and combat acne but as my skin is now very dry I have switched to a hydrating cleanser by nature republic. Now this is basically a cleanser to remove makeup but honestly jt was not doing a good job at removing makeup so now I use this as a face wash. This aloe cleanser leaves the skin soft and moisturized.

Moving on to makeup removers i like to switch between bioderma sensibio H2O micellar water and the Garnier micellar water. Both are gentle on the skin and remove makeup without much effort.
To achieve smooth, flake free skin I use a very mild and gentle green tea scrub by ST.Ives. This is has such fine round granules which are non abrasive and very gentle on the skin. Plus the exfoliate the skin quite thoroughly.
For moisturizer I like to use oriflame tea tree moisturizer during day time and at night I use some thing more hydrating so stelatopia cream by mustella is my choice. Both moisturize the skin well without leaving an oily film.

Even though my skin is dry I like to wear a mud mask once every week, currently i am using the one by freemans ( oatmeal and avocado version)
I like to spritz my face with rose water during the day. This makes my face look dewy and fresh.
Lastly I am enjoying the scent of Maybelline baby lips lip balm in berry crush. This unfortunately doesn't leave a tint on the lips but does keeps my lips soft and smooth
That's all for my current routine. Would you recommend any skincare product I should try out?

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Skin 18 review: Luke hyaluron face mask, luke mugwort Nose strip and luke hydrogel eye patch

November 20, 2016 1 sent me three products by luke

Luke Essence Mask hyaluron

Firstly is the hyaluronic face mask.this mask contains hyaluronic acid which has moisturizing properties. Due to the dry cold my oily skin is acting pretty weird these days. The area around my nose and cheek feels dry and sore at times. This mask nursed my skin pretty good. It replenished the moisture and made my skin soft like a baby.  This mask fit my face shape nicely and contained very generous amount of serum. I feared it might drip lol. As always I enjoyed wearing this mask and the great thing is that the moisturizing effect lasted for two days πŸ‘

Luke Nose Patch mugwort

I have already tried this nose strip by luke and in my opinion about this pore strip is same. Its great for the price and does a fantastic job of pulling out all the black heads and gunk from the pores. For proof check out the picture below

  Luke Nose Patch mugwort

Since its winters I didn't applied this eye patch cold like I previously did. But it did felt cool and tingly none the less. I didn't notice any major difference in my wrinkles but I did notice that this eye patch made my eyes look less tired and more bright and refreshed then before

and this concludes my review of all the products i have been sent by currently has some awesome deals running on their website so do check them out

Thursday, 27 October 2016

mustela Pr review

October 27, 2016 4

Mustela a French skincare brand which caters to the skin care needs of a new born, babies and mommies was recently launched in Pakistan and in now available at elected stores in major cities of pakistan

Mustela Pakistan was kind enough to send my some samples to try and review
Since there isn't any toddler in my house I decided to try the products on my self,my logic if they are good enough for a baby they are good enough for me

 PhysiObebe no rinse Cleansing water

This smells like jasmine which I sweet. I liked the whole concept of cleansing skin without water. I tried to clean of makeup with this on a cotton pad and it did a good Job of removing my foundation and lipstick but not to good at removing mascara

 My skin felt soft and cleansed after using this . Personally I think its more suitable for cleansing skin when you don't want to dry out your skin by using harsh face wash or soap.

Stelatopia cream

Next is the ever popular stelatopia cream. Now I have been familiar with this cream for a long time. It has a very emollient texture and is perfect to treat dry skin. This is so moisturizing. The texture is light in weight and absorbs pretty fast. Does not leave an oily film on the face. The best part its hypoallergic and non scented

Hydra bebe 

This cream is light in weight but smells strongly of jasmine which can be a little over powering at times. In terms of moisturizing its pretty good the only drawback is its strong scent

Creme change vitamin barrier cream 

This cream reminds me sunscreen on first use and on checking its ingredients I did notice zinc oxide as one of its the compound. Zinc is effective in repairing skin, protecting and acting as a barrier. I used this cream as primer under my base and it worked so good with my foundation .

i requested the mustela pakistan to send me the price of their products so i could share it wih you guys !!

 Catalogue :

Cleansing milk : Rs 800

Vitamin barrier : Rs 550 

Dermo cleansing: Rs 1275 

Baby shampoo : Rs 900

Foam shampoo: Rs 950

2 in 1 Hair and Body wash : Rs 900

Gentle soap : Rs 700

Hydrabebe body lotion: Rs 1600

Hydrabebe facial cream : Rs 975

Massage oil: Rs 1150

Stetch marks double action : Rs 2800

Stretch marks intensive action: Rs 2500

Physiobebe cleansing fluid: Rs 975

Mustela cologne: Rs 1500

Mustela sun block sfp 50 : Rs 975


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